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Looking for a talented aerial cinematographer and crew for your next adventure, science or company film project?



At D3 Images we bring your story to life by using 4K drone imaging and world-class cinematography. We offer a decade of drone flying experience and three decades of award-winning cinematography experience. We offer world-class video production, 3D graphics, aerial photography and underwater photography services. You need world-class production quality. The pros at D3 Images work with you to get that done. On time and on budget.

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Daniel Duncan is an award-winning director of adventure documentaries. They include two PBS adventure series The Desert Speaks and In The Americas with David Yetman.  He dodged tiger sharks in the Sea of Cortez, walked on volcanos in the Pinacates, swam with marine iguanas in the Galapagos Islands, herded llamas in the highlands of Peru, surfed at the mouth of the Amazon and plunged through white water while rafting down the Colorado River.


Duncan has created documentaries for programs with innovative science themes. The PBS series Wavelengths with Vicki Chandler is one example. He also directed a Lidar imaging project at a Mayan archaeological site in the jungles of Guatemala. Duncan also crafted documentaries on wildlife migration in the Amazon forests of Brazil and a survey project, both aerial and underwater, of innovative aquaponic operations off the coast of Baja California.


U.S. government agencies count on Duncan’s skill as a director and cinematographer. His productions include aerial surveys of tribal lands for the Alaskan Native Health Services. For the National Park Service, he produced a documentary that included aerial surveys of ten different national forests, including Yellowstone and Glacier. For another client, the University of Arizona, he surveyed the diverse biomes of the iconic Biosphere II structures with drones.


Daniel Duncan has also brought his cinematic skills to bear on challenging projects for corporate clients, including law firms in need of land surveys to resolve legal questions and liability for traffic accident injuries. He has documented corporate marketing events in Las Vegas, Cancun, the Bahamas and Costa Rica. And directed stories on agriculture ventures and architectural projects, including one that tracked building progress with innovative mapping software.


Some of Duncan’s documentary projects are important because they dealt with cultural heritage and history. For example, he directed a story that retraced the ancient buffalo kill zones on the Blackfeet reservation in northwestern Montana. For another heritage project, he documented the restoration of the interior of the San Xavier Mission, an important cultural heritage site in southern Arizona.

Award-winning cinematographer Daniel Duncan leads D3Images

Daniel Duncan is an Arizona-based documentary film director, producer and cinematographer who has traveled the world in search of stories worth telling. Stories of people, places, natural habitats and urban landscapes. He considers himself, first and foremost, a visual storyteller. This is his craft and he has been perfecting it for the last 30 years. His work includes dozens of documentaries and two award-winning television series distributed on PBS.

Aerial cinematography is an important part of Duncan’s toolkit as a documentary filmmaker. He has used aerial drones in numerous projects, including one where he captured first-time images of crater-filled landscapes as part of a scientific expedition to northern Mexico’s Sierra Pinacate. Drone cinematography also helped Duncan tell the story of a lidar imaging project at an archaeological site in Guatemala that yielded new insights into Mayan civilization architecture.


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