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Looking for a talented aerial cinematographer and crew for your next adventure, science or company film project?

Daniel Duncan

Daniel Duncan

Aerial Cinematographer

Dan Duncan is an Arizona-based documentary film director, producer and cinematographer who has traveled the world in search of stories worth telling. Stories of people, places, natural habitats and urban landscapes. He considers himself, first and foremost, a visual storyteller. This is his craft and he has been perfecting for his clients over the last 30 years. His body of work includes countless documentaries and two award-winning television series distributed on PBS. 

He has captured rare drone footage above the Mayan ruins in the tropical jungles of Belize and the surreal landscapes of mountain ranges in Baja California. And shot underwater cinematography in the shark-infested waters of the Caribbean off the coast of Central America. Adventure documentaries, scientific expeditions and special projects for U.S. government agencies and private corporations—all are examples of the visual storytelling and documentary film experience Duncan brings to his client’s creative projects.

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Over the last 30 years, Duncan has worked hard to perfect his visual storytelling skills. It started decades ago when he was living in Brazil and decided to shoot a documentary on the religious practices the people living in neighboring village. That initial experience led to his move to the Southwest where he landed an assignment as director and producer on the award-winning PBS documentary series, The Desert Speaks. His work on the series extended for 19 years. 

His most recent documentary work has been on the PBS-distributed series In the Americas with David YetmanAs producer, director and cinematographer, he has traveled to the far reaches of North and South America documenting the stories of the people, culture, languages, customs and history of these continents. The stories have been also about the landscapes, the natural beauty and also the challenges of conserving the natural habitats and wild places.

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Aerial and underwater cinematography—these two skills are an important part of Duncan’s skill as a maker of documentary films. He has used aerial drones in numerous projects, including one where he was able to capture images of inaccessible, crater-filled landscapes in Baja California as part of historic scientific expedition. And he has participated in the evolution of underwater cinematography techniques and equipment in order to offer his expertise to clients for their adventure and science productions. Experience which helped him stay one step ahead of sharks in the Caribbean.

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Duncan and his production team have traveled to six continents, including North and South America, Europe, Africa, Asia and Australia. He has shot documentary films from the depths of Death Valley in California, to the tropical rain forests of the Amazon to the snowy peaks of the Andes mountains at 16,000 feet above sea level. Duncan has had close encounters with sharks in the Caribbean off the coast of Belize and with rattlesnakes in the deserts of the Southwest. People, cultures, languages, customs, history, landscapes, wildlife and wild places, they are all part of his visual stories.

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ABC, Anderson Advertising, Arizona Historical Society, Artisoft, BBC, CBS, Entertainment Tonight, Discovery Channel, ESPN Sports, Firestone, Ford Motor Company, George Lucas Educational Foundation, Home & Garden Network, Italian Television Network, John Hancock Insurance, Learning Channel, Natural History Museum of New York, Nature Conservancy, PBS, Real TV, U.S.A. Foundation and the U.S. Forest Service.


Director and producer Daniel Duncan, M.A., has won numerous awards including twenty-four Rocky Mountain Emmy awards in directing, cinematography, editing, documentary, and feature categories. He has also been honored with four Arizona Press Club awards, an Associated Press International award and a Best of the West award.